Financing Options

Looking to own an California Air Compressor Company air compressor?

California Air Compressor Company Offers 2 different financing solutions to help!  With low monthly payments, you can own your Curtis today!

We have made it easy with a 100% digital financing platform.  That means no printing, no scanning, no mailing, and no hassle with paperwork.   Click Here to get started!

Best Buy Plan

Bakers Dozen Plan

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Why financing makes sense for your business:

For small to medium size businesses that want to take advantage of new opportunities and growth, equipment financing offers a fast, flexible, budget friendly option.

Benefits of equipment financing option for your business:

Speak to a distributor now to find out more about our financing solutions!  Find your local California Air Compressor Company Authorized Distributor.

Looking for other financing options?  Contact our representative Tim Murphy at 800-325-2605 to create a tailored program to fit your needs.

All plans are subject to qualified credit and taxes. Rates are subject to change by lessor. Available in the U.S. only. (green 11/08)