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Intercooler Repair and Maintenance in Southern California


The primary role of the intercooler in an air compressor is to reduce the temperature of the air prior to its entry into the subsequent compression stage. This cooling process is essential because cool air, being denser, is more amenable to compression than hot air. The optimal scenario is when the air temperature is similar to that of the surrounding environment. Usually, the intercooler can bring down the temperature of the compressed air by 20-30 degrees in relation to the ambient temperature.

What are some symptoms of an inefficient intercooler needing repair or maintenance?

Dirty or aged intercoolers can make it seem like your compressor is working harder but producing less air. These types of intercoolers can increase air temperature and reduce air density in the compression stage, resulting in a reduction in the efficiency range, or turndown. Ultimately, this will decrease the flow produced. Heat and humidity can exacerbate this situation, especially in the Southern California climate, further compromising a compressor’s capacity. All of these factors work together to create the perfect environment for a surge, which occurs when inlet flow is reduced to the degree that is insufficient to overcome the discharge pressure of the compressor. Compressors that experience surges are operating in a state of aerodynamic instability. This can be harmful to various compressor components. 

By following scheduled maintenance guidelines, California Air Compressor Company can help you replace or maintain aged or fouled intercoolers to original pressure, efficiency, capacity and avoid surge. At California Air Compressor Company, we have a designated section of the manufacturing plant dedicated to only cooler repairs to ensure the best quality work.

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