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Compressed Air Assessments

Air leaks can cost your company thousands of dollars in wasted energy. At California Air Compressor Company, we can help you save by detecting a wide variety of leaks. The best method to detect leaks from your compressor is through ultrasonic acoustic detection.  This system can recognize the high-frequency hissing sound associated with the air leaks and consist of directional microphones, amplifiers, and audio filters; and usually have either visual indicators or earphones to detect the leaks.  In addition, we offer data logging services. This service helps identify compressed air efficiency, proper air compressor sizing for upgrading air systems, and accurate energy savings during a pre- and post-metered audit and system upgrade. 

By utilizing ultrasonic detection technology along with our logging services, California Air Compressor Company can assess your equipment and find the leak fast and effectively. To find the problem fast and to start saving energy and increasing system efficiency, contact us today.