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Vacu-Plus Series Vacuum Pumps

0.3-5HP ranges available

Applications include bottle filling, vacuum cleaning, de-aerating, pump cleaning, dehydrating, feeding paper sheets, tank purging, leak testing, lifting liquids, milking machines, oil wells and for liquid extracting.

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Vacu-Plus Series Piston Displacement 6.6 to 86.0 CFM 27 1/2″ HG maximum vacuum at sea level conditions:

  • Heavy, close grained, cast iron construction
  • Air cooled, cast iron cylinders come with deep radial fins providing 360 degree heat dissipation.
  • Dynamically balanced crankshaft is precision machined and ground assuring extended running life for the internal bearings and wearing surfaces.
  • Main roller or ball bearings are expertly installed to hold the alignment of the rotating elements to the crankcase.
  • Connecting rods are of high tensile strength material. Oil entrance ports are machined at the crankshaft journal and at the piston pin to allow the flow of fresh oil throughout the connecting rod.
  • Balanced flywheel supplies a high volume of air flow to cool cylinders and heads.
  • Oil level sight glass prevents over filling and provides for continuous oil monitoring.
  • Oil Carryover ReductionTM System (OCR) ensures the lubricating oil is kept within the compressor.
  • Special piston rings with the OCR System, are designed to minimize oil carryover.

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