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RT Series

Factory assembled Cooling Tower, open circuit, induced draft, counter flow, all corrosion resistant construction materials.

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The RT Series is comprised of highly durable construction materials including Corrosion resistant FRP casing and structure as well as the most reliable non-corroding PVC water distribution system with fixed, non-clogging, large (2.5”) polypropylene spray nozzles. Fill Media, Drift Eliminators & Louvers are manufactured in corrosion resistant self-extinguishing PVC. It incorporates a seamless basin resulting in no water leaks.

Minimal risk of failure

Over 51% of motor malfunctions are caused by bearing failure due to entering contamination and lubrication loss.
REYMSA motor bearings are protected by Inpro/Seal VBX to prevent the risk of failure.

The Inpro/Seal VBX Bearing Isolator is a non-contacting, non-wearing, permanent bearing protection device, consists of a unitized stator and rotor that form a compound labyrinth seal with no wearing parts, manufactured in bronze for more extreme conditions. VBX ring blocks the transfer of vapor contamination created by heating/cooling of the bearing enclosure, maintenance free, zero energy consumption.

  • Durable Heavy Duty Construction
  • All Fiberglass and Seamless Construction
    • Offers long service life, minimum to zero maintenance and no water leaking problems.
  • Longer Life Span
    • REYMSA’s all high-grade fiberglass construction will deliver a tower with 2 times the life span of galvanized steel tower.
  • Small Footprint
    • Offers excellent performance in a compact footprint.
  • Low Environmental Impact
    • Our equipment and motors are designed to conserve water and save energy. Meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 efficiency requirements.
  • Low Sound & Super Low Sound Fan
    • REYMSA offers these optional models for sound sensitive areas.

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