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RES Series 75-550 SCFM


The RES Series lowers air system power costs and improves productivity by matching power consumption to compressed air demand.

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RES Series Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer



Utilizing the latest advancements in heat transfer technology, the RES Series refrigerated dryers offer an innovative approach to efficiently remove liquid contamination from compressed air.

RES Series dryers are designed with 4-in-1 heat exchangers (patent pending) and a phase change material (PCM) encapsulated between the refrigeration and compressed air circuits, serving as a highly effective reservoir for thermal storage. The PCM possesses high latent heat properties, which enables it to melt or freeze at a constant temperature. The phase change material will absorb heat from warm, moisture-laden compressed air without a significant rise in temperature. The phase change material stays colder for longer periods of time, cycling the refrigerant compressor less often than conventional energy-saving designs.

The RES Series is the ideal solution to reliably and economically dry compressed air. The innovative technology does not require a recirculating pump and associated piping. This results in a simpler, more energy-efficient design.

Stainless steel brazed plate 4-in-1 heat exchanger (patent pending), with phase change material reservoir

  • The PCM thermal reservoir operates at a precise temperature to deliver a stable pressure dew point.
  • Smooth, non-fouling stainless steel surfaces promote low resistance to flow, optimizing air system efficiency

No-air-loss, demand drain efficiently removes condensate without loss of compressed air

  • Condensate drain lines terminate at discharge connections conveniently located on the side of the dryer
  • Failure to discharge alarm on the operator interface enhances system reliability

High efficiency, up-flow aluminum air-cooled condenser

  • Pulls ambient air through the condenser and releases out the top of the dryer condenser
  • Provides cooler condensing air and greater efficiency

Reliable, semi-hermetic refrigerant compressors

  • Environmentally friendly, globally accepted refrigerants
  • Rugged design, for long-term operation

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