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FSC-Max Cool

FSC-Max Cool is an advanced lubricant formula designed for our large HP rotary units (6oHP/45kW).


Designed to offer the highest protection for your FS-Curtis products, the FSC-Max Cool is THE ONLY LUBRICANT PRODUCT LINE THAT CAN VALIDATE FS-CURTIS EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAMS on our large rotary units. Benefits of our new and improved FSC-Max Cool lubricant include:

  • Highly Engineered synthetic formulation optimizes performance and compressor life.
  • Operates in higher temperatures than other regular lubricants, improving the compressor’s performance considerably.
  • Unlike competitive factory-fill lubricants, our 8000hr lubricant is actually designed for 10,000hrs under harsh operating conditions, which provides peace of mind that your properly-maintained compressor will operate reliably even in hot and demanding conditions

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