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DA Series 20-120 SCFM


The DA Series modular compressed air dryers provide bone dry air so your paint jobs come out perfect every time.  When combined with pre-filtration and post-filtration, you have the ideal solution for eliminating air contaminants that cause issue with pain spraying, whether water or solvent borne.

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DA Series offers compressed air users a simple and effective no-nonsense approach to dry compressed air. Great for use with any type of compressor including piston, scroll, rotary vane or rotary screw technologies. The ability to function with inlet temperatures to 150° F makes it ideal for use with tank-mounted reciprocating air compressors that lack an aftercooler.

The DA Series Dryer can be wall-mounted or compressor mounted.

150˚F max inlet temperature; Long life, Twin canister design; Wall mount requires no aftercooler; 100-175 PSI operating range; Cycles automatically; Simple installation; 115V switching timer with plug; Expandable modular design; Built-in afterfilter; Not affected by high ambients.

  • Easy installation (universal wall mounting brackets) in a compact and expandable system, wall or compressor mounted
  • Can be mounted on FS-Curtis compressors
  • Alternative to a high inlet temperature refrigerated dryer
  • Environmentally friendly, using no refrigerant
  • Lowest operational and maintenance cost of any regenerative air dryer
  • Molecular sieve desiccant in easy spin-on canisters
  • Particulate afterfilter built into the canisters
  • Operates uninterrupted in dirty or dusty environments
  • 150˚F maximum inlet temperature
  • Air-cooled aftercooler not required
  • Additional options available

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