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Los Angeles Air Compressor - California Air

Serving Los Angeles and the surrounding area since 1957 with expert air compressor installation, service, and repair.
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Industrial Air Compressor Supplier & Services in Los Angeles

California Air Los Angeles offers multiple products and services to handle your compressed air needs. From airend rebuilds to complete system installations in the Greater Los Angeles area, we will work with you to ensure operations are running at their most efficient.

California Air Los Angeles

9820 Bell Ranch Dr #102
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Air Compressor Services in Los Angeles

24 HR Emergency Air Compressor Repair Service in Southern California

There’s nothing costlier than downtime with an air compressor system, especially in Southern California. When time is of the essence, you can count on California ...

Air Compressor Rentals

California Air Compressors Co. understands that changed production plans or increased production demands can often require temporary equipment solutions. Our large SoCal rental fleet contains ...

Air Leak Detection in Southern California

  Air leaks can cost your company thousands of dollars in wasted energy. At California Air Compressor Company, we can help you save by detecting ...

Intercooler Repair and Maintenance in Southern California

  The primary role of the intercooler in an air compressor is to reduce the temperature of the air prior to its entry into the ...

Air Compressor Installations

Need installation, design, upgrades, or modifications on a compressor, pump, blower, chilling, or water cooling system? We’ll work with you and your schedule to get ...

Medical Air Systems

Medical air is compressed air used in the medical field, powering hospital tools and providing high-quality air to patients. Medical air systems have a higher ...

Air Compressor System Control Panel Upgrades in Southern California

  Engineers build air compressor controls to optimize reliability and efficiency in your pneumatic machine, allowing you to easily manage your air system to further ...

Air Compressor Field Services in Southern California

California Air Compressor has a team of certified service technicians and engineers in Southern California dedicated to solving your compressor problems efficiently and effectively. We ...

Centrifugal Air Compressor Parts & Service

Rotor compressor for centrifugal compressor balancing process. At California Air Compressors Company, we offer Southern California businesses engineering upgrades, custom solutions, and centrifugal compressor support. ...

Centrifugal Air Compressor Package Refurbishing

  Centrifugal compressor rebuilds in Southern California are a cost-effective way to keep your system running and restore it back to its peak performance. Our ...

Centrifugal Airend Rebuilding

When downtime becomes an issue, an airend exchange replacement is often the answer. The airend of a centrifugal compressor is responsible for compressing the air, ...

Testimonials for California Air Los Angeles

Don't take our word for it, read what our customers have to say about us in their reviews of our air compressor services in Los Angeles.

luis carboney
8 years ago
Where do I begin. Called a billion times...no help, spoke to someone there...no help, had someone come out and tell me they would give...
Mark Bretz
5 years ago
Great service and fair pricing!