Whether you are a train passenger or a shipper of interstate cargo, you both expect smooth transportation to your destination.

This is possible because of the availability of clean compressed air, which powers most of the vital functions that run the industry. High quality, compressed air is critical to smooth and safe operations. The machinery in this industry should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, high humidity, dust, debris, and vibration. It should be designed for a long service life in the locomotive industry.

Compressed air is essential for railway applications, such as:

The award-winning FS-Curtis Nx Series produces stable air pressure, steady airflow, and quieter, continuous-duty operation. The innovative design offers better air quality with less oil carryover than reciprocating models. The Nx Series can run 100% continuous duty, delivering more airflow and better efficiency in a space-saving design — making this compressor ideal for any transportation operation.

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